Tips to Protect your Privacy in Alexa Devices

Alexa is a smart AI developed by amazon and it’s first used in amazon echo smart speaker and then other devices. It adds ease to our daily life as Alexa devices have many useful applications. You can perform many tasks and get any information only on your voice commands. As it has many applications, there is somewhere important concern regarding “Privacy”.

As amazon did a great job of giving control on privacy level but no one read or use it, and making their privacy at risk. The user should always know about their privacy terms so they choose the right privacy settings. There are some steps that can be taken to get handle your privacy in a better way. To continue this, You need an Alexa smart speaker and Alexa app, Let us start from the beginning.

Need an Alexa app: 

Firstly, You need an Alexa app to continue the privacy terms. Go through these steps.

  • Open an Alexa app.
  • Tap on “settings” and then click on the Alexa account.
  • Then go to the menu and select an option “Alexa privacy”.

In this section, you get a chance to see voice history, history of smart home devices and also know about in which Alexa can use your data. We’ll provide each private settings below.

How Alexa uses your data:

To know how Alexa uses the data. Open Alexa app go to privacy, choose to Manage how your information improves Alexa. On the screen, details show how Alexa use your voice recording for creating new features read carefully and optimize accordingly

Some privacy tips you need to know about Alexa device

  • Delete stored information about your smart home device:

Alexa device stores information while you use smart home devices of the third party. So you just need to know how to delete stored information you just need to follow these steps to remove data from your device.

  •  Open Alexa privacy 
  • Select “Manage smart home device history”
  • Select Delete history of smart home devices
  1. Delete your voice history:

Alexa devices record all your voice commands so it can help you in the future. You should know that when Alexa records your voice, the blue light turns on if you don’t want to store a history of voice commands, it’s very easy to delete voice history. You just Say “Alexa delete everything I said today”.You have to set a specific range by year, month and day. Now, old recordings can automatically be deleted with this wonderful privacy feature and become assured that old recordings won’t be stored. Also, the whole history can permanently be deleted in less than 30 seconds. Some steps for deletion of  voice history:

  • In Alexa privacy, select an option “review voice history”
  • Click on delete recordings of all history
  • Unplug Alexa device:

The users worry that someone can watch and listen to them through their Alexa device because it has a microphone and camera. Turn off the microphone by pressing the button at the top of the device. The red ring indicates that the microphone gets turned off. To reactivate the mic, again press the button. Also turn off the camera just saying “Alexa, turn off the camera ”.So, the user need not be worried that someone can hack them.

4. Check your “Drop-In” settings:

The new feature in Alexa device introduced is“Drop-in”.This feature automatically connects one device to other devices to start a conversation or talk. It’s very important to know about the privacy setting of “drop-in”.Otherwise, people can listen to you anytime through “drop-in”.here are some steps for drop-in settings:

  • Open an Alexa app
  • Go to the settings
  • Select the “Drop-in” and choose “off” button

Thus, no one can listen to you through “drop-in”

By taking these steps you can prevent to lose your privacy and you can have control over it.

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