How to Fix Amazon Alexa Mic Problem

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Alexa devices are smart assistant which works on your voice commands. It enables you to use voice to check weather updates, set alarms, play music and do calls. As it provides so many facilities, sometimes users experience some problems related to Alexa devices. These problems are like microphone issues, Alexa not working, Alexa not playing music, etc. These issues occur due to different reasons.

The mic is the hardware part that hears your voice commands and provides you the information which we want to know. Sometimes you noticed that Alexa picks up your voice but doesn’t respond to what you want. If the Alexa is not responding properly after listening to your voice, then there might be some problem in the mic of Alexa devices. 

The problem in a mic has become a common issue nowadays and people are searching for help or guide to get rid of these common issues but end with nothing. In this troubleshooting guide, we will provide you the necessary steps to fix the mic problem in Alexa devices faced by users.

Here are some steps to fix the mic problem:

  • Restart your device

If you experience a mic problem in the Alexa Echo device, firstly restart the device by unplugging it from a socket. Wait for 1 minute and turn it on. Just try to give a command and check if it works or not. If it still doesn’t work correctly then reset the echo device by using a safety pin into a reset hole on the base of the device and need to follow the instructions to complete the procedure. Go through these steps to reset the Alexa Echo device:

  • Open an Alexa app and Tap to the settings
  • Choose your echo device and go to the reset button

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  • Check the position of the Echo device

Alexa echo devices have Bluetooth speakers that catch the network very fast. If you placed your echo device at some noisy place, at the window or door, it arises the noise from outside places too. This makes Alexa faces trouble in picking up your voice command. We will recommend changing the position of an echo device to solve this issue. Shift the device in a quiet place or in the middle of the room.

  • Teach Alexa to understand you better:

Alexa device will be able to understand you in a better way. There are some steps to teach Alexa the device so that it hears you better.

  • Open an Alexa app on the smartphone 
  •  Tap to menu section and go to the settings
  • There’s an option of “Voice training” under Alexa devices, tap on it
  • Go through the tutorial and read 25 phrases loudly

In this way, your echo device understands your voice in a better manner. To talk with a specific speaker, you’ll need to be in the same room.

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  • Knockout the mic temporary

Sometimes, there’s an issue of mic due to the audio snag. By knocking out the mic for a while can fix the mic problem faced by users. Turn off the mic by pressing the off button on the top of the device and wait for some time. When the button of the microphone turns red, it means the microphone gets off. Thus the line of communications is cleaned. The Echo device did not respond until you reactivate the mic by pressing on a button. Thus, turn on the device and check if it works or not.

  • Check for echo speaker updates

All the devices of Alexa receive an automatic update of the software via a wireless network. These updates improve the performance and add new features in Alexa. When something happens to wrong with your echo device, this means Alexa device is not updated correctly due to which mic issue arises. You can check the last update on the device and confirm if you received the message of the update on the Alexa app downloaded on the smartphone.

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Restart the router

Alexa echo device doesn’t work, especially in the weak internet connection. If you are experiencing any issue related to the mic, then turn off the router, wait for a while and restart the router. It fixes your issue of the mic.

These are some methods to fix the issue of the mic. If no method works, then try to replace your device.

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How to Stop Amazon to listening to your recordings

Amazon developed an AI which we call Alexa and it is used in amazon famous Smart Speakers called the “Echo”. By using Alexa in daily life, it makes a little change in our daily lives. Alexa can do many things for us and give many facilities to do daily work with great performance. This helps us in making a voice and video call, listening to music, to set alarms, lights on and off, to book a cab and organizes our daily activities, etc. Thus, it makes little change and does work faster and more accurately than a human.

The smart speakers record what we talk and share it with employees of Amazon. Sometimes Your voice assistant didn’t understand you and give wrong answers and employees noted that what’s happening and they use these recordings to improve the capability of a voice assistant. Amazon keeps a record of your Alexa recordings even after you delete the voice recordings. Most people are surprised to hear that news and they don’t want anyone to listen to their personal talks and information. Amazon provides some privacy and settings, so users should be comfortable and not fear of losing their privacy. The company develops another option as Apple and Google provide the ability to delete recordings and transcripts permanently.

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 Today, We’ll talk about to stop amazon to listen to your recordings. You should not worry about your private talking or recordings. There are some settings need to do well and you can stop amazon to listen to your recordings.

Here are some steps you need to do:

  •  Open an Alexa app on the smartphone
  • Go to the menu section at the top left corner of the screen
  • Tap to the Alexa account
  • Then select option Alexa privacy 
  • Under Alexa privacy, tap on “How Alexa manage your data”
  • Turn off the button “Help improve Amazon services and develop new features”.
  • Turn off the button “Use the message to improve records”

By turning off this feature, you do not have to worry that anyone can review your Alexa recording.