common amazon alexa problem

Amazon Alexa is a voice search personal assistant that operates on a series of Amazon devices, including Echo Dot, Echo Kid, Echo Show, and several other variations. Alexa is developed by Amazon, one of the easiest devices to interact with natural-language processing systems. It helps you in performing daily tasks by asking a question or by delivering a command. 

When you give the command to your Amazon Echo then sometime it will respond to you by saying “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that” or it delivers different results that you did not ask for. These issues are frustrating and there could be many reasons why Alexa isn’t working at that time. But most of the issues can be fixed at home with some candid steps. Here are the most common problems with Alexa Amazon Echo and how to solve them.

1. Alexa Is Not Responding

Alexa is not responding, this situation comes when you give a voice command and Amazon echo not gives the response to your commands. it is likely one of a few common issues. Here are the Basic Troubleshooting Solutions:
Problems With Alexa Devices

  • Check the Microphone Button
  • Restart Amazon Echo
  • Hard Reset Echo Device
  • Disable or Enable Alexa Privacy

2. Alexa Plays Music On The Wrong Device

This is one of the common problems with Alexa when you asking to play music in one room but it begins playing in another room. This issue with amazon echo arises when the echo devices are not correctly grouped together. 

To resolve the problem, you first need to ungroup offending devices and then regroup them.

3. Streaming Problems With Alexa
Problems With Alexa

The main reason for streaming issues on Alexa devices is the broken Internet connection or low available bandwidth. The following Echo troubleshooting can help solve this issue.

  • Turn off unused devices from Wi-Fi. 
  • Sift the Echo closer to the wireless router. 
  • And move it away from walls, metal objects.
  • Firstly Turn off the modem and router and then restart.
  • Also, turn the Alexa device off and then turn it back on. 

4. Echo Device Doesn’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Why Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi it’s not always clear. In this case, there may be a router issue or wi-fi issue because of signals being blocked by a physical object. This is also the one of the common problems with Alexa. Here are the tips that make your device back online and start taking your commands. 

  • Restart your network hardware and Echo device.
  • Again enter your Wi-Fi Password.
  • Reduce Wi-Fi congestion.
  • Contact your network administrator.

5. The inconvenience with Alexa Calling 

Alexa communication devices can take the place of a home phone. If you are using Alexa communication service and calling on Alexa is not working then here are some solutions that may help you.

  • Check Your Contacts
  • Check the Number You’re Calling
  • Sign Out from the Alexa App

6. Bluetooth Issues

Having connecting problems with Alexa device with Bluetooth? Here are some things to try but first make sure your Alexa device supports Bluetooth connections.

  • Confirm the compatibility of your Bluetooth device.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth device is close to your Alexa device.
  • Pair your Bluetooth devices again and again.
  • Must clear all Bluetooth devices.

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