Amazon Echo not Responding?

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Before starting here is the list of problems for which we will provide a solution in our guide.

  • Amazon Echo not responding properly
  • How to Set-up Alexa Echo
  • Alexa not responding Sonos
  • Echo Dot not turning On or responding problem
  • Amazon Echo not connecting to Wi-fi
  • Alexa not responding to voice commands
  • Echo Plus stopped responding to voice commands
  • Alexa not responding to smart device any commands
  • Amazon echo no sound trouble
  • Amazon Echo not responding after esp update
  • Echo Dot speaker not working
  • Echo show not responding to voice commands

What to do before troubleshooting ‘Amazon Echo not responding’ issue

There are necessary precautions that you do not have to skip so that Alexa starts responding to voice commands after completion of troubleshooting.

  1. The first precaution you must take, never use different charging adapter to charge your echo. We found so many times that people use different charging adapter. They forget the Amazon Echo charging adapter is specially designed for the device to give proper power to charge the device as different company adapter do not charge properly and sometimes they damage your device.
  2. There is a tap action button on top of the latest Alexa Echo dot which you have to press and see if your echo responded to your voice command or not.
  3. The third necessary step must take, check your Alexa echo speakers functioning or not, as sometimes the problem arises from echo speaker. To make sure it does not happen place the speaker minimum four feet away from your Alexa device.
  4. Always plays the echo at the best location at your home or place. As we placed our echo device in the center of the drawing-room, 5 feet away from the walls and windows so that dust doesn’t go into speakers.
  5. Alexa echo works properly, where there is no noise. So if you want your echo to respond properly, go where there is no noise or less noise. 
  6. Place your echo device away from other devices at your place which makes noise, as the sounds interfere in communicating with your Alexa.

If you have taken all the steps and followed it, then restart your Amazon echo. More than 70% of users are satisfied after taking all the steps.

‘Amazon Echo does not respond’ Let’s start some basic technical troubleshooting steps

As in the above steps we did only non-technical troubleshooting, now we go in some technical troubleshooting which helps 90% users. 

Let’s get started with the technical troubleshooting to troubleshoot ‘Alexa echo dot not responding’, the solution which we proving now is valid for all ‘Amazon echo not responding or working issue’. So if you do it properly, it resolves all your problems.

First Solution: Microphone button is OFF

In the latest Echo Dot 3rd generation devices, there is a microphone button that gives you control on the microphone. Sometimes we forget to check the microphone button status, in case if your Alexa echo is not responding to voice command, check the microphone button and if it’s off then turned it ON.

The Microphone button is just on top of the device, with a MIC icon on it. Press it and give a voice command to Alexa about ‘Current time’.

Second Solution: Restart Amazon Echo

Is your Alexa is not responding and have become unresponsive?

Don’t panic, we hope you check your Alexa carefully, if it’s really become unresponsive, then we do a basic troubleshoot and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

  1. Just unplug the wire from the socket or from the echo dot device and wait for 30 seconds.
  2. After the first step, re-plug the wire to the socket and start your echo device.

Note: Your settings are saved, so you don’t have to do again configuration for your Alexa echo dot device.

  • Once the Alexa device rebooted itself, it takes only 3-4 minutes to reuse it again.

Now check out by saying a basic command ‘Alexa Today’s weather’. If you get a reply means the device is working fine. It is one of the easiest and simple troubleshoots for ‘Amazon Echo does not respond’ problem.

Solution 3: Try Disabling/Enabling Alexa privacy

Ugh! It’s a basic problem as it arises during Alexa Echo Set-up. If it’s a problem, we have the solution. If ‘Alexa is not responding’ try to re-enable Alexa privacy. To do so

  1. Tap the button at the footer of the screen. It will re-enable Alexa’s privacy and if you click again, it will make Alexa listening again. 
  2. Now if you completed the step, try speaking to Alexa again.

Fourth Solution: Hard Reset Echo device

If you have tried all the above steps and not benefited you much, then it is the last solution that works for 100% solution for our users.

Warning: You have to set-up again your Alexa echo and you will lose everything in your Alexa configurations. We suggest our users not to try this solution.

  1. Find a pinhole in your device, it is located at the bottom of your device and uses the paper pin to press it for 30 seconds, it will reset your echo dot device.
  2. Now within 1-2 minutes, your echo dot device starts. Now you have to set-up Alexa Echo again.

If the solution provided by Echo tech Expert not working, you can buy an additional device ‘Alexa Remote’ and command it through the device, but we suggest not to do it. Try fixing your ‘Amazon Echo not responding’ from our guide or contact amazon alexa support