Amazon Echo not connecting to wifi

Amazon Echo is a wonderful device powered by the most powerful AI developed by Amazon called ‘Alexa’. But as it is the most powerful AI it has its limitations also, as Amazon echo depends upon a steady internet network connected through the Wi-fi. It is the most essential function of the device as the device uses Wi-fi to process its commands and other things. Without Wi-fi it’s just a simple ordinary simple speaker working with a traditional way by using Bluetooth technology.

Amazon echo not connecting to wi-fi

Why we are more talking about Wi-fi rather than the device because 3/10 amazon echo, Echo Show, Echo kids, Echo plus users get problem in connecting to Wi-fi network. And if the device is connected properly then it starts disconnecting or not have a steady flow of connection. Here we will help you with that issue and fix it and make it function properly.

We are providing you the possible ways to which you can troubleshoot ‘Amazon echo not connecting to wifi’ issue by yourself without damaging your valuable device. Let’s dive-in the process.

  1. Check your Internet Working Properly

Most of the time we saw the users forget about their internet connectivity and connection. Make sure the speed of your internet by going to If the speed is good then check the distance between your router and Amazon Echo device. If it’s away more than 4 feet, decrease the distance and connect to your device again.

2. Restart your Amazon Echo device and Router

If the above step doesn’t work for you are not applicable to your situation then try to restart your device and your router. To do so, unplug the wire from your Amazon Echo device and router and re-plug it after 30 seconds. It takes 2-3 minutes to use it again. This step helps more than 60% of our users and resolved there ‘Amazon echo not connecting to Wi-fi’ issue.

3. Unhide your SSID name or Wifi Network

Sometimes, the wi-fi network is hidden. It happens because of security reasons. To make it visible to your router setting page and click on wireless setting and there is an option with Wi-fi or SSID name with a checkbox to make this visible or hide. If it is checked, make it unchecked and save the setting and restart your router and connect to your wi-fi network.

4. Don’t Connect with Wi-fi Extender

Unfortunately, Amazon Echo devices do not work properly with extenders, so if you are connected with extender and getting wi-fi connectivity problems. Try to directly connect with your router, it will fix your issue.

5. Outdated Alexa App

Sometimes an outdated Alexa app makes so much problem in wifi connectivity issue as there are logs that it interferes with. To fix this issue, always update your Amazon Alexa app. To update your Alexa app go to your respective store on your device and search for Alexa app and tap on it, you can see on the screen an update option if your Alexa app is out-dated. Just tap on it to update it.

6. Check Wi-fi Frequency Band

As the Amazon Echo devices are developed as it works on any wifi frequency band. If you are connected to 2.5 GHz and getting wifi connection problem for a time, try to change it to 5 GHz which fix your issue. This is the most common troubleshooting for Amazon echo not connecting to Wi-fi

These are the 6 ways to troubleshoot your Amazon echo not connecting to Wifi problem like a pro without damaging your device. Just follow this guide and fix your problem.

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