Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding to Voice commands


Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding to voice commands?

Amazon Echo Dot is powered by Alexa, offers a variety of convenience to its users to make their daily life easier. Amazon Echo has proven to be a very useful smart home gadget that can play radio stations, set timers, and alarms, make calls, play games, stream music and more. However, sometimes these devices also create certain problems. “Alexa echo dot not responding to voice“, it is the most frustrating issue that users of Amazon Alexa devices do experience. 

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Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding to Voice

Are you one of the Amazon Echo owners and having trouble with Alexa echo dot not responding to voice commands?

If yes, then don’t panic. Because there is nothing to be bothered, as we have certain troubleshooting solutions to get rid of this problem.

Basic Solutions

To troubleshoot “Alexa echo dot not responding to voice”, firstly you need to start with basic solutions, which includes:

Check the Microphone Button

If Alexa is not giving the response to your voice commands then firstly you need to check whether the microphone button is turned on or not. In case the button off then first turn it ON. The microphone button has a symbol of MIC and it is located at the top of the Echo device. Alexa Customer Service number

Restart Amazon Echo

If pressing the microphone button does not manage the “Alexa echo dot not responding to voice” issue then restart your Amazon echo. To restart your device, firstly you need to disconnect your Echo device from the power source and then wait for 30 seconds and after that reconnect it. In the next 2 minutes, your device will reboot and then you will be able to use it again.

Hard Reset Echo Device

If the above two solutions do not help then try to hard reset your Echo device by pressing the reset button. When you pressed the button then after some time you will see the blue light changing its color to orange. After that, turn off the device and then turn it back on. This will help you to resolve the issue when “Alexa echo dot not responding to voice” commands.

Disable or Enable Alexa Privacy

In case your Amazon Alexa device is not yet working then try to enable Alexa privacy. Press the button Alexa which enables the device and if you are clicking it again Alexa will start to listen.

Advanced Solutions

If none of the above ways help your Alexa Echo dot not responding to voice commands then you need to follow below advanced solutions:

Light Ring Should Not Be Red

For the speakers, the light ring indicates a variety of things. The light ring of the device should not be red because if it is showing red ring spinning instead of the blue one that means Alexa having an issue in understanding you. This situation arises when Alexa is not understanding you because of the activated mute button which is at the top of the speaker.

Find An Ideal Location for Amazon Echo

Interference is also one of the main reasons that Alexa echo dot not responding to voice commands, this interference may be caused by walls and other objects. You should find the ideal location for your device and make sure your Echo device is at least 8 inches away from walls and other electronic appliances.

Use The Voice Training Tool

Having trouble understanding your accent is also one main problem with Alexa. To solve this issue you need to use voice training tools. For this go to the “Settings” option and then choose the “Voice Training” option. After that when you launch the tool you will be asked to speak the 25 phrases, so loudly read out all the phrases which help the digital assistant better know what a person is saying.

So, the above discussed are some of the troubleshooting solutions that can help you fix Alexa Echo Dot not responding to voice commands. if you’re unable to fix and need expert consultation, Tap Get Instant Fix from Alexa Not responding